To keep the page from getting too long we have decided to split the list in two. Week one saw us covering Christmas presents that would have any Land Rover enthusiast smiling on the big day. Hopefully we covered something in all price ranges and across all elements from stocking fillers to vehicle improvements and security.

If you missed the first 5 present ideas have a look at our blog

Starting the present ideas 6 to 10 we could not help but start with an essential Christmas gift (well in our house anyway). What are we talking about?

IDEA: 6 – Socks

Yup, the present that along side the Christmas jumper probably raises a chuckle. But we have combined two items of clothing to soften the blow but no Christmas present list would be complete with including socks.

The t-shirt comes from Spreadshirt

Landy Defender Hero Men’s T-Shirt | Spreadshirt

And the socks are from Fat Face

One Pack Land Rover Socks, Socks & Underwear |

IDEA:7 North Yorkshire Off Road Centre Driving Tuition

These guys are on our door step based on the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast just below Whitby.

Having taken two 11 year olds and a 10 year old on a driver experience course with our instructor Colin I can thoroughly recommend this centre for training.

The tracks are spread out over a wide area with a lot of challenges. As a tutor Colin really knows his stuff and delivered a great couple of hours tuition.

Their website describes the tracks as;

Our site is legendary amongst off road enthusiasts, and has been described in the press as one of the toughest off road test tracks in the UK”.  With the huge variety of obstacles and terrain on our private hillside and quarry on the cliff top, combined with a specialist 4×4 driving instructor, there’s no better place to drive off road, with fantastic views over the North Yorkshire coast.

Their website has a number of options from using their specialist vehicles through to taking your own. So if you are thinking of buying a Series or Defender for Christmas why not book a familiarisation session and learn how to make the most out of your purchase.

You can find out more about their courses and where you can take you Land Rover for a great day out on their website

North Yorkshire Off Road Centre (

IDEA:8 Fourby Boost Pin

For idea 8 we bring you another UK based company who are great to deal with and produce a wide range of tools, parts and modifications to improve your Defender.

They also run a cracking Facebook performance group which if you are interested in maximising not only the performance but the look of your truck is well worth a follow.

But to pick one of their products was pretty easy. We went for the boost pin. Now, I could try and explain it all but a YouTube channel with a Yorkshire man in Canada does it so much better than me.

All I wall say is (Watch the video and the quote will become clear)

“Spin the bloody wheels man”

Also a big thank you to Mike at Britannica Restorations Ltd over in Canada for producing brilliant maintenance videos. Check him out on YouTube

Fourby describe the boost pin as;

A new Boost Pin to our range! The Fourby Boost Pin is made exclusively for us in the UK. 

We have been working with our suppliers, to bring to you a rival boost pin but with a mid range price point. 

Machined to give the same performance as the Morgan Hill pin and fully hardened to the spec of the original Bosch Pin. 

And finally don’t take our word for it, just look at those reviews! If you are wanting to go all out they do a full tuning kit which you can find on their site on the link below

Fourby Boost Pin –

IDEA:9 Headliner Replacement

Feb up of that sagging headliner, or maybe you don’t have one installed. AB4x4s are offering a service to install a new headliner using top quality 5 way stretch fabric to your vehicle.

Not only does the truck end up looking better as a result of a professionally installed headliner but some of the additional benefits include;

  • Less/No condensation
  • Heater warms the van faster (If your heater works ;-))
  • Quieter and much more pleasant
  • Warmer in winter, cooler in summer

You can find out more and book your fitting on our web shop

Headlining Recover – AB4x4 Cleveland | Land Rover Restoration Specialists |AB4x4 Cleveland | (

IDEA:10 10% off a Full Service

Get you Land Rover Defender or Series in tip top condition for the new year. This week we are offering 10% off a full service if ordered online.

Our full service includes

  • Oil and Fuel Filter Change
  • Air filter change
  • Oil change (including washers and drain plug replacement if required)
  • Gearbox Oil Change
  • Differential Oil Change

To purchase your full service visit our online store

AB4x4s Land Rover Series or Defender Full Service – AB4x4 Cleveland | Land Rover Restoration Specialists |AB4x4 Cleveland | (

Once you have purchased your service get in touch with Anthony to book a suitable date and time.