If you are looking to improve the interior of your Land Rover the team at AB4x4s are now offering a a roof headliner fitting service.

We work with the best range of 5 way stretch headliner fabrics which come in a number of colours and we can discuss these when you book fitting.

Our headliners are fitted directly to your roof metal work rather than to separate liners. We have found over the years that separate liners over time start to sag in various places.

Our headliners are fitted with high quality temperature resistant glues to ensure a strong bond.

Our process

We being by removing the roof from the vehicle and thoroughly prepping the surfaces.

Our team use a single piece of material to fully cover the roof without any seems or joints.

The roof is left to dry in our workshop until the glue is fully set before being refitted back onto the vehicle.

The final result looks really impressive.

Base prices start from £499. Additional charges may be incurred if for example there are a additional attachments and fittings on the roof that require removal or cables that need rerouting.

We will require your vehicle for 1 full day. Ideally, it can be dropped off the night before or at 0830. We will keep you updated throughout the day on progress and we aim to have it ready for collection by 1630