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Since the production of the first Land Rovers in 1948 the construction of the Land Rover remained largely unchanged with a handmade steel box section chassis with the bodywork bolted on. 

The main issue in the original construction is over the years steel oxidises and rusts.  As enthusiasts we all know to look in footwells, cross members and at dumb irons.  All those parts exposed to the elements generally have a hard time and are the first to show the signs of deterioration. 

On older vehicles where aluminium body work joins the steel frame a reaction takes place and often looks like bubbling and often has a powdery residue.   

There are numerous ways to improve the life of steel components.  Good preventive maintenance and liberal use of Body Seal is one.  The most effective is to upgrade nuts and bolts to stainless and treat your vehicle to galvanised and aluminium upgraded parts. 

At AB4x4s Cleveland we stock a wide range of galvanised parts to meet your needs. 

  • Why galvanise your Land Rover parts 
  • Lower cost than stainless. 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Long life expectancy. 
  • Resistance to mechanical damage. 

Galvanised Land Rover Parts 

If you are planning a restoration the chances are that you will have looked into galvanised parts.  If you aim to replace your chassis the chances are you will replace the bulkhead.  While you have the vehicles stripped why not consider looking at the brake lines and upgrading or improving the suspension.   


This is a great long term investment for your vehicle. 

We can supply and fit a galvanised chassis which ensures your vehicle is off the road for the least possible time.  Alternatively, we can strip down your vehicle and send your chassis for galvanising (after any repairs are completed.). 

As specialist we are able to assess the condition of your chassis and will provide honest and impartial feedback on the best return for your investment. 


This is a great addition to the restoration process.  We are able to repair your exisiting bulkhead (if viable) and once all the rot has been dealt with send it off to be galvanised.  If you bulkhead is beyond repair we are able to supply one from stock. 

We all know that Land Rover footwells and areas around the front window gutter are notorious for rot.  With a galvanised bulkhead your vehicle will look like new for years to come. 


Door bottoms…  We all know that the original doors let water run through the seals and down the inside rotting out the frames.  At AB4x4s Cleveland we make up galvanised door sections and add door skins to the frames.  These doors not only look great but are a far superior solution to the original parts.   


Our aim is to improve the condition of your Land Rover by supplying quality, hot dip galvanised parts that we sell parts, or can supply and fit.  Our parts are superior to what was originally fitted and are supplied at realistic and affordable prices. 

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