The Big Build

In the middle of 2020 we purchased a 1983, 110 Commercial Station wagon with a lovely v8 engine. It came with an LPG tank in the back and on close inspection could have been sold as is but had the potential to be a spectacular vehicle.

After deliberation it was decided that work would commence in tidying the truck up.

Well that was then and now we are into a full nuts and bolts rebuild

As you can see the team have been busy and the vehicle has been stripped back to a rolling chassis.

So far it has had a new Salisbury axle fitted along with new suspension, bulkhead. A new heater box and master cylinder are in place.

The engine is out and has been sent off to a specialist company to be rebuilt and will return in a a few weeks.

The rear tub has been rebuilt with YRM galvanised components.

The workshop has been a busy place for deliveries from new swivel hubs, to heavy duty Terrafirma steering rods. What started as a tidy up is now a full rebuild that will be once completed an amazing V8 automatic built on top of a galvanised chassis with top quality components that will make this a real drivers machine.

March Progress

It has been a quiet period on the big build waiting for parts to come back from the galvanisers and the new parts to get delivered.

A lot of bits are back and progress has been made on test fitting the rear tub, new rear top hats and floor along with the sills and B and C posts.

Some pictures of progress

Next week we will get the front box sections built and test fitted and the transfer tunnel on and floor panels test fitted.

Once we have made all the final adjustments it will be stripped back for painting.

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