The foundation of any journey is good planning, your vision, our passion will take us from A to B.

Whether you already have a vehicle, require us to source one or select one from our extensive stock we will begin with a plan.

It may be that a Series I, II, IIa, 109, 90, 110, 111 or 130 suits your style.  In popular colours it’s bronze green, heritage green and marine blue. These vehicles have distinct looks and personalities to match. From the charming look of the series vehicles up to the iconic boxy Defenders there is a range of options and ways to customise to suit while retaining the originality and heritage. 

Once you have decided on a suitable model for your project, this is when we can start looking at all of the options below.

All Bespoke Build Options

Model Length – Short wheel base (88”/90”) or Long wheel base (109”/110”)

Model Type – Series 1, 2, 2a, 3, Lightweight, Defender or Discovery

Model Age – Not exempt, Tax exempt, MOT exempt or Tax and MOT exempt

Chassis – Non-galvanised or galvanised

Engine – Petrol (2.25) or Diesel (2.25/200 or 300 Tdi)

Replacement Parts – Recycled, new, pattern or original Land Rover

Body – Van, Pick-up, Station Wagon or Soft Top

Colour – Any you require (marine blue and bronze green are our most popular)

Paint Finish – Professional roller or body shop re-spray

Exterior – Windows, Towball & Electrics, Roof-rack

Interior – New front seats, rear seats, La Salle headlining or door cards

Galvanised Parts – All cappings, bulkhead, radiator panel, sills, seat brackets etc.

We are one of the UK’s leading heritage restorer of classic Land Rovers.  No one comes close to our high standards and desire to preserve originality. 

Once your vehicle is in the workshop it will be carefully inspected and prepared for the work you require.  From this point onwards we will work closely with you to deliver the vehicle of your dreams. This could be anywhere up to a full galvanized chassis replacement based on your individual needs.

Our process begins with dismantling the vehicle then restoring or replacing the chassis followed by the renewal of suspension, brake lines, fuel lines and bodywork this list is not exhaustive we go to every length to maintain quality. Any parts that cannot be sourced are fabricated in house by our team.

Throughout the process we send out weekly updates including photographs of the work undertaken that weeks so you can see your vehicle come together piece by piece.

The exciting elements start to take place with selecting the colour for the vehicle and internal trim. We have a number of heritage components and options to choose from. We are here to help you decide but it is your decision and the final vehicle will be finished and trimmed to a higher standard than it left the Solihull factory. 

The best journeys are shared…

We have a large selection of Land Rovers for sale. We stock everything from Series, Military to the legendary Defender. Below are some of the vehicles we have created for our customers.

As you can see from the photos below, we go the extra mile to restore the Land Rovers to how they left the factory and beyond.

Each of our bespoke restorations can be tailored to your exact requirements we can discuss what the purpose of the Land Rover will be and how best to kit it out to accomplish any task it may face.

We can source any parts and pieces required to be able to complete bespoke restorations such as the canvas roof for the Series Land Rovers

The exciting elements start to take place with selecting the colour for the vehicle and internal trim. We have the ability to spray vehicles on site at in our workshop. Your decisions are what makes the vehicle and brings it all together.

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We are happy to help..

We are more than happy to talk about anything Land Rover related. If you would like advice or are considering a project one of our expert team will be delighted to answer any questions.

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