For the Land Rover enthuasist who is really hard to buy for…

We all have that person in on lives who we love. But when it comes to getting them a gift they seem to have absolutely everything and our minds are totally blank as to what to get them.

This year at AB4x4’s we have been putting together a list of bits and pieces that someone on the team has used, has or otherwise loves the look off.

We will be updating this post each day with what we think will put a massive smile on the face of your Land Rover enthusiast. These gifts will cover the full price range and be from many different locations. We hope you find something you like and with our biggest ever build in 2020 currently underway you might have guessed that we are a little more than excited this year.


We are starting at the top of the spectrum with this idea but we thought it was an unreal idea. With two options to choose from you can have a watch that not only goes with your Land Rover but is in fact made out of parts of one.

The first choice is is the Beach Runner which the company describe as;

The RNR Beachrunner is our first-ever Swiss Made timepiece with a dial handcrafted from the roof of a 1981 Land Rover. Limited to 552 pieces.

The Beach Runner comes in at £1,343 and can be found on the company website;

RNR Beachrunner – REC Watches

Or if your tastes are more modern the company has the R.O.C.K Fighter which that build up as;

The RNR Rockfighter is our first-ever Swiss Made timepiece with a dial handcrafted from the door of a 2003 Land Rover Defender. Limited to 463 pieces.

The R.O.C.K Fighter also comes in at £1,343 and can be found on the company website;

RNR Rockfighter – REC Watches

We know we have set off with a very high bar but these stood out as cool but if you want to set the bar even higher we always have vehicles for sale.


This idea is to help your Land Rover loved one improve their vehicle. I first came across this amazing product while restoring a personal vehicle. The product I am referring too is the Syncro Gearboxes, Slick Shifter.

Who are Syncro Gearboxes?

Syncro Gearboxes is a UK based company that specialises in Land Rover Gearbox parts and upgrades. We also offer a wide range of engine/gearbox adapters

While it sounds like a part that should be more associated with a racing car than a Land Rover this product turns the wayward wondering of the Land Rover gearbox into something that feels more positive and modern.

The Slick Shift is made in the UK by a friendly and industry leading firm of engineers. To say this is simple to fit is an understatement and in contrast the changes to the drivability is frankly stunning.

It is safe to safe that these guys are experts at what they do and we have only picked out one of their products that we found makes a real difference.

Syncro Gear boxes describe their Slick Shift as;

The Syncro Gearboxes Slickshift® is arguably the best modification for any Defender, Discovery, Range Rover or Series Land Rover owner. The Slickshift® improves the gear selection making it easier and more comfortable to drive your cherished Landy. With drivability in mind, the Slickshift® was designed to make the driving experience more pleasurable. 

Checkout their company website for their range of products;

Defender LT77 & R380 Slickshift inc TD5 | Online Gearbox Parts Shop

If you are in the process of restoring or improving your Land Rover Defender or Series we have a range of parts available in our online shop.


For today’s present idea we are including the perfect stocking filler. From Car Keyrings UK we have found a lovely Stainless Steel Defender Keyring that is made in the UK.

The company describe them as;

Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Keyring

Designed and Made in the UK using high quality materials – finished in 2mm Stainless Steel with a brushed effect.

Size – Approximately 50mm in length.

You can pick yours up online from the company website



For Friday we are looking at a topic that is at the fore of every Land Rover Defender owners thinking… Security.

There are a variety of products on the market but one of the easiest to use that is very effective is a good quality pedal lock.

Here we are suggesting a product that is designed and made not only in the UK but down the road from our base right here in Yorkshire.

MUD-UK is a family owned company founded in 2003 and underpinned by a lifetime of Land Rovers. They are based in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines.

The product from their range that we have picked out is their Ardcase Pedal Lock


Today we start with a brilliantly researched and well put together history of the Land Rover Defender. It covers everything from the inception of the Defender through to an unusually customised Defender that can be used as a boat.

What Ben has got spot on is the sentiment of the classless vehicle. The Defender is equally has happy with royalty or sheep in the back.

I was gifted this book last year and it is a brilliant read.

The promotional blurb for the book describes it as;

As quintessentially British as a plate of fish and chips or a British Bulldog, the boxy, utilitarian Land Rover Defender has become an iconic part of what it is to be British.

It is said that for more than half the world’s population, the first car they ever saw was a Land Rover Defender. It mirrors many of our national traits, stiff upper-lipped and slightly eccentric. The car has remained relatively unchanged for nearly seven decades and has spawned an industry that includes dozens of publications, car shows, clubs, associations and even model car collectors who dedicate their lives to the Land Rover.

To understand this national love affair, Ben has travelled the length of the British Isles in a Defender, spending time with fellow Land Rover enthusiasts: from visiting Colonel Blashford-Snell, who crossed the jungles of the Darien Gap, to patrolling the streets of Belfast with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Ben has met folk who have converted their beloved Defenders into everything from hearses and coffee shops to works of art and fire trucks. He has travelled from the Red Wharf in Anglesey, Wales onto the Western Isles of Scotland and Islay, the island used as a testing ground by Spencer Wilks in 1947 to put several of the early Series Land Rover prototypes through their paces.

After 67 years and 2 million vehicles the Land Rover Defender has ceased production, and this book is a fitting tribute to this most British institution which has stood as a beacon of durability and Britishness across the world. Every Land Rover has its own unique story to tell. This is the story of the world’s favourite car.

You can pick up a copy at your local book shop or it can be ordered from Waterstones online

Land Rover by Ben Fogle | Waterstones