As we are now seeing a dusting of snow around our North Yorkshire workshop we decided to put a few essential motoring tips to help get you safely get the most out of your Land Rover through the winter months.

1. Check your tyres

During the winter you need to make sure your tyres grip the road. The law says you should change your tyres if you have 1.6mm of tread or less. We advise you check your tyre type against the manufacturers recommend guidelines and consider changing in line with their advice.

While your checking the tread its also a good idea to check that the pressures are correct. You will want around 32 PSI, again check your load and the types of terrain your will be driving on against the manufacturers guidelines.

Lastly, check your tyres for foreign objects, splits, cracks or bulges. Last thing you want is a tyre failing especially when road conditions potentially more trecorous.

2. Check your windscreen wash fluid

There are two checks to perform. The first and most obvious is that you have fluid in the resevoir. With salt on the roads along with usual muck and debris at this time of year it does not take long before your windscreen is covered making it difficult to see out. Keep an eye on the levels especially in winter and keep it topped up.

Read the guidelines on the container. Windscreen wash can be diluted but make sure you put in washer fluid with enough antifreeze for the winter conditions you will be experiencing.

3. Winter Starting

In winter with darkness closing in faster you will generally be using more electrical components (lights, heating, wipers etc). This draws power from the battery and during cold starts your battery has to work harder. Most garages will test your battery free or for a very small fee. If you don’t use your vehicle regularly invest in a smart charger to keep your battery in optimal condition.

4. Check your coolant

Essential all your round but in winter you want to make sure as the temperature drops your coolant will not freeze causing issues with your engine. If you have not changed your coolant in a while get it tested at your local garage who will be able to test the condition and give you reliable information on its boiling and freezing points. Keep your coolant topped up to ensure your engine remains within the optimal temperature range.

5. Be Prepared

It pays to be prepared. We suggest carrying a couple of essential items;

  • Warning triangle
  • Tow Rope
  • Hot Drink in a flask (if heading out on a long journey)
  • Spare battery charger for your phone
  • Folding shovels are handy for shifting snow that accumulates when parked.
  • De-icer and scraper
  • Torch
  • First aid kit
  • Paper road map. In-car satnav is great but if you have to walk a map can help.
  • Sun glasses (low sun during winter can be blinding for drivers)
  • Think Warmth (If you have a flat on a motorway and need to sit behind the barrier waiting for recovery)
    • Winter coat
    • Jumper
    • Walking boots
    • Gloves
    • Blanket (Wool is best)

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