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For sale through AB 4x4s Cleveland is this very special Defender 90, 300tdi Heritage edition soft top that is nearing completion.

Rebuilt on a galvanised chassis around 5 years ago this was used daily by a farrier who brought it to us for regular work. When we were offered it we were delighted and set upon bringing it back to life.

So, we changed all the brakes and added new shock, springs and galvanised turrets.

We have fitted a complete reconditioned engine, a brand new turbo and reconditioned fuel injector pump. All ancillaries are brand new also. We then started on the bodywork. We removed the hard top and removed the rear cappings to replace with galvanised ones. Bodywork was so incredibly straight that the spot welds are still visible, always nice to see. Vehicle is in primer ready to paint in Heritage green or Atlantic green.

For good measure we added 2 brand new galvanised framed doors with a new galvanised rear half door. These will last forever as will the chassis.

A new heavy duty stick set will the be fitted with a brand new Exmoor Trim sand hood with windows. Inside will have Exmoor matting all round. New seatbelts will be added and all doors fitted with new door furniture and seals.

Inside we have added Heritage leather seats just like the originals, look fabulous!! To the rear we have fitted reupholstered leather bench seats with seat belts.

Now if this isn’t enough we are adding stainless hinges all round. This includes front doors, rear door, bonnet hinges and bulkhead hinges. These look just awesome and never rust. To the front we are adding an expensive brushed stainless steel bumper with stainless fixings.

We then add the Heritage front grill making this a great copy. The best part for me is the galvanised and stainless parts that won’t corrode.

If you are in the market for a Heritage copy then look no further. Our restos are amazing, please see our website. This will surely look better than new and will just increase in value.

Priced at £34,995 it proves great value with all the updates.

Call Anthony on the details below.1997 LAND ROVER DEF 90, 300TDI,GALVANISED CHASSIS/DOORS,SOFT TOP FOR SALE

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