For sale through AB4x4s Cleveland is this 1977 Land Rover Series 3 hardtop that has been rebuilt on a galvanised chassis and galvanised bulkhead. It has been ungraded with a 200tdi engine, 5 speed box, disc brakes and power steering.

So the story goes I renovated it for my customer over the last few months only for his circumstances to unfortunately change.

Now before anyone thinks this is a Defender with a Series plate they are incorrect! We have a massive file with many pictures before and during the upgrades back in 2004 showing its original parts being removed etc.

Below is a detailed list of its very high spec-


This is a Series 3 galvanised chassis that was fitted in 2003. It will be maintenance free with no concerns about corrosion.


This again is a galvanised bulkhead and I believe the original one that has been repaired before galvanised dipping. It has had modifications on the tunnel to allow the 5 speed LT77 box.


This was rebuilt in 2004 and runs 100%. It pulls so well and returns superb MPG. Fitted with a brand new radiator and other parts we have fully serviced it ready for the now owner. Fitted with power steering making it much easier to steer.


This is a 5 speed LT77 that was rebuilt in 2004 along with the transfer box. Changes gear without fault throughout the range.


This is as impressive as the bodywork. It has mostly new running gear ie new Extended shocks, parabolic springs for a better ride, the list goes on. We even undersealed all steelwork to prevent any future rust issues. This was over the top really but in my opinion a good idea.

BRAKES – Stops so well with disc brakes all round.

AXLES – We have done all necessary work to them to include wheel bearings and swivels.

LIGHTS – These are brand new throughout.


This is also delightful. With 2 comfortable adjustable front seats that we cleverly modified to go further back this is perfect for a tall person. We fabricated the rear bulkhead to allow this and removed the standard filler neck adding a new lightweight tank to allow filling under the seat. We fitted new floors with stainless bolts. There is a heavy duty centre lockable safe/ cubby box for your belongings. Heavy duty mats to the front and rear.

To the rear we fitted brand new bench seats with 4 belts to allow seating for 6 people. We also lined the inner roof and sides making it so much more presentable. This was professionally fitted at a cost of £600. We also fabricated stainless steel seat box lids. All seatbelts x 6 are brand new. All internals were removed prior to respray. All hardtop seals were also replaced for new.


This underwent a full bare metal respray in Atlantic green. We added new door bottoms and glazed door tops. Also fitted a New galvanised rear safari door with new glass. All door furniture was new along with door hinges fitted with stainless fixings. To the front is a new galvanised bumper with stainless bolts. To the rear is a useful tow bar attached to the painted crossmember. All cappings throughout were removed and re galvanised along with the windscreen and other parts. We also added new windscreen glass.

Bodywork is pretty much dent free with a professional finish. Fitted with a snorkel and chequer plate kit really finishes it off.

To the front you will notice the upgraded front end sourced from a defender. This allows space for the engine. Photos are available showing it mid conversion with the original front panel and 2. 25 diesel engine fitted. Roof was of course removed and painted in the correct limestone. Looks amazing!

TYRES – Fitted with BFGoodrich on shotblasted series 3 rims finished in Limestone. These make the drive so pleasant with no wandering whatsoever.

So in short my client spent a small fortune on this to make it as good as it looks today. This is tax and mot exempt so will cost very little. It will not rust with the galvanised parts and will increase in price daily. Perfect for a large family and tall people this is a seriously capable and usable bit of kit. I would welcome any test drive, it really drives well.

Please call Anthony on the details below for any further information.

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