It has been described as the classless car. From royalty to farmers these vehicles have their place. From hard wearing interiors to plush comfortable finishes the choice is yours.

Whether you are carrying dogs in a 110 or towing horses or plant equipment. These rugged vehicles perform the task effortlessly and with an array of body styles to suit all applications there will be something to suit everyone.

There’s few civilian vehicles you can still purchase in the following body options:

  • Chassis cab
  • Truck cab
  • Double cab
  • Hi cap
  • Hard-top
  • Soft-top
  • County spec
  • Utlity wagon
  • XS plush options of above
  • 3 different wheelbase lengths

Off-road Capabilities

The go-anywhere vehicle of choice for farmers, fire service and mountain rescue services. These rugged vehicles have a reputation for succeeding in environments other lesser vehicles fail.

If you need to get a job done then look no further.

Easy Maintenance

Land Rover designed a vehicle that could be repaired on the move. Whether a farmer in a field or an adventurer in the Sahara. These vehicles are simply put together requiring minimal tools to be able to achieve a lot. Lets face it, if you own a 19mm, 17mm and 13mm plus a few screwdrivers you are well on your way to being able to dismantle a Land Rover.


Adventurers like Ben Fogle love the Classic Land Rover and have owned them personally and used them to get to many report parts of the world.

The beauty and appeal of these vehicles is their modular build that can have numerous add-ons and jerry cans bolt on through to the insane load carrying capability with or without a full length roof rack installed.

Whether or not you want to travel from London to Cape Town or simply carry all the canoes, bikes and camping gear of a trip these vehicles deliver with ease.


What depreciation! Buy the right Land Rover and you will find that you have a modern classic that is appreciating in value.

Demand for these iconic vehicles is high and since production stopped there have been attempts with the likes of the new Defender and the Grenadier to recreate the magic of the Wilks brothers. Its is very hard to capture spirit as is being proven.


Anyone behind the wheel of a Land Rover Classic or Defender will find nods and waves a standard passing greeting. Get into difficult and you will find other owners more than happy to help.

Want advice on customising your prized procession and you will find lots of owners with opinions only too happy to have a chat.

Restoration and Conversion

If you have a project in mind or are looking to restore a Classic Land Rover or build an Iconic Defender get in touch with the experts at AB 4x4s Cleveland. We love nothing more than to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

We have a number of vehicles for sale or awaiting conversion. If you are undertaking your own project we have all the parts you require in stock. If you cannot find what you are looking for get in touch.

We are happy to help..

We are more than happy to talk about anything Land Rover related. If you would like advice or are considering a project one of our expert team will be delighted to answer any questions.