As part of the friendly, comprehensive and efficient service that we aim to offer you at AB 4x4s Cleveland Ltd. we ask you to read the following.

Quality assurance

AB4x4s Cleveland Ltd has worked hard to ensure that you will get the maximum satisfaction from your classic vehicle. We aim to ensure that:

  1. It is of satisfactory quality realistically bearing in mind its age, price and mileage*.
  2. It meets the description given to you and any faults pointed out by us or any faults that should have been readily noticeable when the car was purchased.
  3. It is fit for purpose in getting you about safely.

Before you commit to buying a classic vehicle please inspect it carefully, ask any questions regarding its age, mileage*, description, condition etc. and ensure that you are perfectly happy with the purchase. If you are distance buying we will ensure any faults/ defects are explained prior to purchase.   
*Mileages can be inaccurate due to engine changes, loose wiring, faulty gauges etc. We are often dealing with vehicles 40+ years old, whilst we endeavour to give you the correct information this is not always possible.

After sales

Even fully rebuilt classic cars will still retain their authenticity by containing lots of original parts. Consequently, it is not realistic to offer the same sort of guarantee which may be available on modern second hand cars.  However, we do our best to ensure that your purchase has been accurately described and fully checked by our team so we are pleased to offer you this Quality Assurance. This obviously does not apply where we have advised you that only specified parts have been changed, certain parts still require overhaul or where the vehicle has been supplied to you for ‘spares or repair’.  We would expect you to drive the vehicle in a manner appropriate for its age.  In the unlikely event that you have any issues with your vehicle you can arrange to return it to our Cleveland base for attention.  All our vehicles will include an MOT unless otherwise stated. All our vehicles will be sold with a 3 month in-house warranty. This means the vehicle will need to be returned to us, at your cost, for the repairs to be done.  Free repairs will not be offered if the vehicle has suffered accidental damage or misuse, or if we feel that the issues has occurred due to fair wear and tear.

If you have bought the vehicle unseen and it is non-bespoke you may cancel in writing or e-mail then return the vehicle, at your cost, to us within seven days of delivery and receive a refund within thirty days.
The above statements do not affect your legal rights.

Advice to buyers . . .

All goods remain the property of AB 4x4s Cleveland Ltd. until full payment has cleared. After which the vehicle can be delivered or collected.

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