Over the course of 35+ years of ownership most vehicles will have changed colour once or more than once as owners changed, adapted and most likely convert to galvanised parts to beat off the infamous rust.

Military, commercial and special specification vehicles leaving the factory could be covered in any paint scheme but civilian Land Rovers in the years, 1959 to 1968, covering the series II, IIA and III had official paint schemes.

From our research across multiple Land Rover publications we have compiled a list of colours and years

  • Pastel Green 1959 – 1984
  • Bronze Green 1959 – 1988
  • Deep Olive Green 1970 – 1971
  • Lincoln green 1970 – 1984
  • Java Green – Stage I only
  • Marine Blue 1958 – 1987
  • Tuscan blue 1972 – 1987
  • Pageant Blue Stage I only
  • Limestone 1959 – 1984
  • Poppy Red – 1959 – 1968
  • Masai Red 1970 – 1985, Stage I & County models only
  • Russet Brown – SIII County model only
  • Sand 1959 – 1984
  • Bahama Gold – 1971 – 1989
  • Inca Yellow Stage I only
  • Mid grey 1959 – 1984
  • Dark grey (burnt gray) 1959 – 1968
  • Sandglow “Camel trophy Yellow”

Some colors require white primer, others grey.

  • Alpine White RTC6870A
  • White Primer RTC4055A
  • Grey Primer RTC4056A

If you are considering a restoration this list may be helpful in your decision making but we can assist with converting and painting your Land Rover to any colour specification you can imagine. Check out our Bespoke and Land Rovers for sale pages for some ideas.

Why are we researching the colours?

Well apart from general knowledge and to allow us to undertake accurate restorations when needed we are also going to start offering a unique service. Our plan is when you purchase your galvanised doors from us we will be able to offer you a spray and deliver service. For now we are planning to get this live on the website but if you want to make use of this service now please get in touch with Anthony for more details and prices.

We are happy to help..

We are more than happy to talk about anything Land Rover related. If you would like advice or are considering a project one of our expert team will be delighted to answer any questions.