At AB4x4s when it comes to restoring Land Rover Series, we like to think we know a thing or two, but every restoration brings surprise, enjoyment and pleasure. Our latest restoration turned out to be one amazing journey.

After being contacted the story began with our customer telling us he had recently discovered his grandfather’s Series 1 Land Rover. The Land Rover brought back many memories and stories including in its history teaching our customers father to drive. Going back generations in the same family we could tell listening to the tales that this truck obviously held a special place in our customers heart.

Having listened to the tales we were keen to know how we could help and what the customer would like us to do. Half expecting the vehicle to be a real classic show Landy requiring little more than a check over and service to get the owner on the road enjoying it again we were keen to get a look. At this point it was revealed that the project was a restoration.

Now the word barn find conveys a level of restoration. Field find were the next words that came our way. We all know the reputation and rust issues with Land Rovers this was not good news but never a team to shy away from a challenge we requested some pictures and a further chat about the direction the project.

Jumping forward and the vehicle was recovered to our workshop. Well, we say recovered loosely as that conveys some level of the parts representing a complete recognisable Land Rover Series 1. The Land Rover was in a terrible condition.

The restoration process started with the usual strip down – which really did not take long. From there an assessment of all the components took place and an inventory of what needed restoration or replacement. Everything was gone through in detail from the ground up by the AB4x4 engineers which saw them addressing all the rusted, repairs, welding, chassis, engine, suspension, gearbox and lots more beside before they could move on to restoring the bodywork sort the interior followed by returning the vehicle to the customer to enjoy.

With passion, vision and a degree of sentimentality the Land Rover Series 1 was carefully restored to its former glory. Everything was expertly finished to ensure longevity of the restoration giving the owner peace of mind that they will have many happy years of motoring with little to doing maintenance wise.

This truck is now back with the customer and will be enjoyed for many years and generations of their family to come, and we are truly proud of our work. The restoration process was hard and required a vast amount of skill from the AB4x4s technical team, but the end result has been well worth it.

Our MD at AB4x4s said;

“We feel that the truck is better than new with a classic style that will never go out of fashion.”

And what makes it all worthwhile is that our customer agrees.

“Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the fantastic job you have done with restoring my grandfather’s Land Rover.

I thought it would be good from reports I had read about your company. The car has gone past any expectations I may had.”

So, what’s next for this restored Land Rover Series 1? Well, it’s time to enjoy it! We’ve been able to restore this classic car to its original condition and make sure that it will last for many more years of motoring enjoyment and we will be interested to keep an eye on who learns to drive in it next!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help preserve your Land Rover, give us a call today.