The foundation of the Land Rover is ultimately customisable to support a variety of body styles. So, what we have noticed over the last few months is a concept image appearing of what is unmistakable a Land Rover Defender base.

If you have ever wondered what a Land Rover Van would look like, well a specialist conversion company in German has produced some concepts which of late have been going viral on Twitter and Instagram.

The shaping and styling are unmistakably based on the Defender creating a uniquely cool vehicle. Much more modern than the traditional camper van conversions using military control vehicles.

At AB4x4s Cleveland we specialise in restoring and converting Series vehicles. You can view our bespoke customer builds from here.

So this got us thinking about the different models there have been over the years. So, like all good projects we started with a list

  • Land Rover Defender
  • Land Rover Series
  • Land Rover 101 Forward Control
  • Land Rover Wolf
  • Shorland armoured car
  • Defender Ice Edition 2010

Having looked around the web we came back to the makers of the vehicles, Land Rover themselves and found a brilliant history from series one to the present day