A vehicle that is at ease with itself whether carrying royalty or ploughing through a field with farmer and collie. The Land Rover Series has been an iconic sight on our roads for many years and featured in one of my all time favourite episodes of the BBC’s Top Gear.

This takes us all the way back to Feb 2015 with the description of the episode reading as follows;

Caution: contains explicit language. Jeremy Clarkson tests the new BMW M4 at the track, while Richard Hammond pays tribute to a 4×4 that has been in production for 66 years. Meanwhile, James May tests the brand new, 500 horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT. On top of all that, the stars in the Reasonably Priced Car are actress Margot Robbie and Hollywood superstar Will Smith.

You can of course watch the full episode by buying it from the BBC;


or I have found (not a great picture) but the section that if you are here will be of interest most to you. Enjoy!